Busy, Busy

This is shaping up to be a busy, and short week. The weekend was exhausting, again.

Friday was pleasant, D3 and I headed out for Ikea at about 9 a.m. Traffic was thin, but the parking lot over there at wonderland was quite full. We skipped the ninety-nine cent breakfast and got right with the shopping. If you’ve never visited one of these places, you might want to take a look. It’s a kind of furniture-accessory-anything for the house place.

We walked up a set of steps, past several bins which let us know we could borrow a bag. I took one, but found I didn’t need it to sit on chairs and open drawers. I just put it back into another bin of bags later. The entire second floor was a maze of furniture and accessories displayed in room groups. We visited living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and dining rooms. The whole thing was pretty confusing, but interesting in a strange sort of way.

At the end of the second floor showroom area was the restaurant;  I had e been wanting the Swedish meat balls since the store opened a couple of years ago. I know, I’m slow. The meat balls were very good, I had a salad of mixed greens with them, D3 went for the soup.

Then, we headed down the stairs and grabbed a cart. The downstairs is an interesting maze. The first section is a warehouse, filled with the unassembeled products that are shown upstairs. Each bin/location in the warehouse corresponds with a number on a product you might chose to purchase. You select your items and roll it along in a cart, similar to the home improvement Big Box I’ve been spending so much time in. There are other sections: blinds, draperies, occasional pillows, rugs, lamps and lights, accessories like wastebaskets, bins and more.

My total purchases were less than $100 and included a door mat, a chair for my computer desk, cushions for my dining room chairs, and a set of trivets for hot dishes. I was looking for a towel rack, but couldn’t find anything the size I wanted. I also was in the market for new blinds for our downstairs bedroom. I ended up buying them at a discount store on Saturday, Ikea didn’t have the widths I needed.

Friday night, Papa and I did make it to the Kentuckians and saw a good show. More on that tomorrow.

Saturday, the carpet came out of the bedroom, and Papa painted the walls. I helped as much as I could, did laundry and kept busy. The walls required a second coat on Sunday.

Saturday night, we discussed going somewhere then fell asleep in our chairs. We must have really needed the sleep. All the new blinds are here, so we’ll try to install them this week in the evenings. The new flooring hasn’t arrived yet, but it should be here any minute. We will pull the furniture out of the bedroom (again), and floor that first. Then, we will continue into the living room.

I have a very small upstairs hall and three doors to paint before then. I also need to clean, really clean the entire mess. At least as much as I can with stuff all over. D1 said, “We can’t stand any more displacement!” She’s right; nothing is where it belongs, and this place looks like a cyclone hit.