We got a little something done today. I cut down the daises, and the remaining hollyhocks, and the peonies.Papa tilled my new flower bed,  He shoveled up the daises from their old home, and I planted them in the new bed. Then he tilled the old bed.

I also pulled/cut/dug out weeds around a couple of our lilacs and hedge roses.  Papa mowed the areas off.  Papa blew the water out of the camper lines, and put in the antifreeze.  Then Papa and D3’s boyfriend put the new cover on Lex, our camper.

We had mowed last night, so a lot is done.  Oh, ya.  D3 picked her rasberries, and I made a couple of pies.  Yum.

More to do tomorrow, bulbs to plant, trees to trim, carrots and beets to dig, and whatever we can think of.