Busy, Busy, Busy

We had a nice four day visit with GD2, which ended yesterday when we took her to meet her parents. She is delightful, and always saying something cute. OK, I am biased. You are too, when talking about your grandchildren. Here she is on top of the hippo, on the way into the zoo.


We went to the Henry Ford Museum on Thursday, the Zoo on Friday and nowhere on Saturday. It was so beautiful Friday, GD2 and I picked up a sticks from the side yard. There are more to do, but anything that is done is done. We had a nice time outside in the great weather, and I noticed my daffodils have started coming up. I was too busy taking picking up sticks to take a picture, but maybe later today.

It rained buckets Saturday. I made GD2 a little jumper. Sewing for my granddaughters is sure fun. I wish they lived closer, so I could do more. The thing is, when they are here it’s hard to take care of everything and sew, and I can’t sew for a model I don’t have. I forgot to take a pic of the girl in her dress.

Friday night we went over to the Kentuckians of Michigan and saw Ricky Prater and the Midnight travelers play a couple of fine sets of music at the Kentuckians of Michigan. Mitch Manns and Mike Kegley teamed up to do a few of their favorites during Ricky’s break, and that’s always fun.

I’ll get Papa’s pictures from the Kentuckians up tonight or tomorrow.

Papa put in our new lights. I recommend them for everyone, absolutely everyone. They are the motion sensing type. It’s wonderful to open the door to the entryway and have the light come on like magic. It’s even better knowing it turns itself off. He also put one outside each of our entry doors. I should never have to worry about the lights being on all night again! Yea!

Sunday, when we got home we moved “stuff” for the living room to the front porch, as much as would fit. I’m going to get the pictures off the walls this morning, and vacuum and scrub the ceiling and walls. I’m also moving Papa’s computer into the dining room, and anything else that will fit out on the porch. I’ll start painting the stairway and living room Wednesday morning. The new floor is on order, and should be here next week. The sooner, the better. D3 has next week off, and offered to help us put the floor in. We also ordered enough for our bedroom downstairs, so there is one more room to empty and paint. I will also paint the dining room, it’s time, way past time, actually.

So, a busy week is in store, time to get started.


    • Apple on March 9, 2009 at 8:52 pm

    She is cute! I often wish I could spend more time with mine one to one.

    You have a very ambitious week coming up! I have tons of painting to do but I am very good at putting it off.

    Appleā€™s last blog post..Memories on Monday – Blizzard of ’93

    • on March 12, 2009 at 11:42 am

    Well, we think so, but that’s our job. She is the last one. Our oldest grandson long gone and almost 21. the second one will graduate from HS this year, and GD2’s siblings are 10 and almost 7. So, these are precious days with a little one. She’ll be in school next year, and then all the activities start that keep them at home most of the time. I wish they were closer, but they aren’t!

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