Just a Little Tune for Monday

Monday, Monday
Can’t trust that day…

I have no idea why the Mama’s and the Papa’s song floats through my head so many times on Monday.  I guess it’s just an ear worm that never ends.  Well, this one ends, but comes back on Mondays;  not all Mondays, but many of them. There are a lot of people who are affected by the “Song stuck in my head” thing; or perhaps I just know a lot of people with this problem. I can usually rid my head of a song simply by playing a few other ones.  The problem is, then one of those may stick!

I find myself  humming tunes a lot.  I probably wouldn’t notice it, but people give me funny looks.  Some people wonder how I could be so happy, and some just think I’m crazy and give me “she’s weird”  look.  They usually back up, or make a wide circle around me when doing that.

I found it interesting to see that ear worms are treated by medicines in the family of medications  used for obsessive compulsive disorders and anxiety.  This makes me think that perhaps those people are right to keep their distance: Who in the world breaks out in song when they are anxious?  Singing, humming and whistling are  is usually happy things.  Am I self-medicating when when I hum?

I have an idea that I could go on quite a trip with this line of thought, so I’ll stop now. Well, not until I give you a simple source of medical information on ear worms.

You are welcome, I was glad to give you a song for your brain,.

Good luck getting  “my” song out of your head.  If you need help, here is a site that will remove my song, and replace it with another.