A Little Done, a Good Weekend

Someone sent me an e-cookbook of “taste-alike” recipes.  So, Papa says, “Does if have Steak-n-Shake Chili”.  I look, and it does.  That was Saturday morning, and Saturday night we had it for dinner, with our apple pie.  Papa said it was the same, and he loved it.  I didn’t like it so much, but it looked like the stuff that comes at the restaurant.

Am I ahead of myself?  We had a nice time seeing Bobby Osborne and the band at OCC Friday night.  Bobby put on a great show, they played through the entire first set without any talk.

Saturday, I made pie.  It took me a while, but I got it done.  Oh yes, and the Chili.  Step-Dad came for supper, so it was a pleasant evening.  D1 was visiting D2 and family in Kalamazoo, and D3 was at work, so we would have been lonely without the company.

Sunday was devoted to the yard.  I’ve had a bunch of little maple trees growing in the rose garden this year, and I left a few of the nicer ones.  They looked pretty good, so Papa planted 5 of them in our side yard Sunday.  It isn’t the first time we’ve planted trees out there, but I hope this time is the charm.  I’ll take a picture later today, so we’ll be able to compare next fall, if they make it.  It looks like we might get a few more raspberries, that would be fine with me.  They are a real treat, and make good pie.

There’s more to do in the yard, but at least we got started.  I’ve got a bucket of crab apples from a neighbor’s tree.  I’m going to make jelly this afternoon.  Yum Yum.