Wednesday in Nashville

I found a minute to tell you that we’re going to the zoo this morning!  We don’t often have time on a trip to do something other than deal with photos, or reserach genealogy, our other major sideline.

But today, to get some much needed exercise, where headed for the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere.  They have some species that we don’t see at home at the Detroit Zoo, so it will be a great walk.

Check out Papa’s photos of Valerie Smith’s dare to be different showcase, and the Vine Grove Bluegrass Festival.

We’ll be at the Ernest Tubb Record Shop tonight, watching the Colorado Case/ Pine Mountain Railroad sponsored show. The Rangers,  and Dailey & Vincent are also appearing.

It looks like this:

10:00 pm            Steep Canyon Rangers

10:50 pm            Cody Shuler & Pine Mountain Railroad
with Special Guests Gloria Belle & Mike Long
and Seth Taylor and The Rye Holler Boys

12:00 am            Dailey-Vincent

Even though a lot of people wish WOB was still in Louisville, the abundance of downtown venues for performers to appear, showcase and spread their wings in make Nashville very appealing.

Check it out here and here.

And now, off to the zoo!