Not so Wordless Wednesday

For the most recent scanfest, I scanned photos from a small black leather book.  The book was passed on to me, and had been among my father’s things.  I have been puzzled about the books contents, but I am more convinced now that the photos were taken by my grandparents, William and Winnie (Kaiser) Yearnd.  The photos are 2-1/2 x 4-1/4 inches.  I nosed around a little and found that 116 film, manufactured from 1899-1984 produced that photo size. Camerapedia shows what cameras used that type of film, if you are interested.

They could not be from the time my grandfather was a child, he was born in 1883. My grandparents married in 1908, my father’s oldest sibling was born in 1910, Dad  was the youngest and was born in 1927. So the photos were taken after 1899, most likely by and of my grandparents and their associates.

At the beginning of the book is a print a photo which was also printed on a post card.  I posted the scanned post card, of my great-grandfather, Charles Yournd here.  There is a small piece of paper glued under the photo in the book, “Charles Yournd Father of Wm. Yearnd Sr.”  Charles died in 1911,  so that also places the photos in the book from the time my father’s siblings were young children.

As I looked through the scans, I realized that I will need to rescan some of the photos.  I need to experiment with the settings to see if I can reduce the scratches and get a better tone.  In some cases, the photos  look much better than the scan results. Here are a few of the photos I can’t ID.

1-3This is someone’s precious little girl.  The photo is pretty faded, but I lightened it to see her face.

I believe the rest are the same little girl.  a couple have men which may be her father, and one of the pictures includes a dog.



On my next trip to Cadillac, I am going to head over to 449 Cass Street, the address of my grandparents on the 1910 census and see of the house has any features that I can identify these pictures.  End of words for today.

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    • tipper on April 15, 2009 at 2:13 pm

    Neat photos. I have some from my husbands family-no one knows who they are. Makes you wonder-cause you know somebody kept them cause them meant something.

    tipper’s last blog post..On Mountain Water

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