You Can’t Get There From Here

To get to Kalamazoo from Detroit, you usually would do this.  At certain times of day, or traffic conditions, this works better.

Yesterday, I used the first route. The plan was to meet D2 near Jackson; we often do this to same time and gas for everyone. I was too early, and I knew D2 had to pick GS3 up from an activity at 5, so I just kept driving. I had just reached Kalamazoo County when I saw an accident on the other side of the highway.  Traffic was backed up almost all the way to Kalamazoo, and slow all the way to US-131.  That’s a bad accident.

When I reached D2’s home, she was just leaving to get GS2, and under our plan, would have been stuck in that traffic for hours.  But I was there, and she wasn’t.  It was sad to find out this morning that a grandparent died in that accident, an other was injured.  The grandchild, in a car seat, was apparently not seriously injured.

 The hard part, how to get home.  There is no other practical alternative.  Just check out any Michigan map and you can see that east-west traffic is poorly accommodated.  I guess everyone goes north or south.  I took the Scenic route, over state and county highways.  It was beautiful, I doubt that there was a prettier day this year for the flowering trees.  I saw, in order: Bradley, Hastings, Woodland, Muliken, Grand Ledge, Lansing, Perry, Byron, Argentine, Lindon, and Fenton before I arrived on I-75 North of our home.  It was slow, pretty – even beautiful.  I was real tired last night and I slept well. 

Today, I’m back to a long list of things that need to be done, so I’m working from the list, again.

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