Wow, Weird Weather

In the past week, we have really had it.  Stuff has been falling from the sky, snow, rain, ice, sleet, a little of everything.  The GD’s were here for a couple of days, but the older wasn’t feeling good, so I took them home.  Thank goodness, the roads and the sky were clear that day.

Yesterday, it was snow, ice, rain, rain, rain.  The basement of our little old house is damp, and the sump pump is working overtime, a regular spring occurrence.  I had a meeting this week, and once again volunteered to do things I really have no business doing.  I guess I will learn, but who knows when?

The internet connection just blinked and went off.  With the new router I have I usually have to investigate to see if it is me or them, the power or the phone line.  As soon as I thought about what to do, everything just came back on.  Since the power was blinking on the unit and the lights remain on here in the dining room, guess it was the phone line.

The cats have spring fever, they run all over, play roll and generally cause more confusion than usual.  One nice thank was that one of the cats, the darker colored one who is called Squeaks or Lucy or Lucifer, or hay you, stop that, really took up with GD1.  She rubbed, came close, and let 1 pet her and play a little.  That made a little girl real happy.  The other cat is shy and scared of quick movement, and so is not comfortable around the children.  She usually runs upstairs and hides under a bed.

Now, back to the work I said I would do—and it’s Friday, so I’d better do it!

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