We had a wonderful time at Pickin’ on Cystic Fibrosis Saturday.  More on that later this week.  We detoured to Kalamazoo and brought GD2 back with us for a visit.  She is completely different from her sister, and takes a little getting used to.  Her parents taught her to be quite polite, so if she doesn’t want to do something she just says, “No thank you.”  Not real helpful, but polite!

I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday, and she came right along.  She thought the doctor might want to look at her, but didn’t seem disappointed when that didn’t happen.

The, D3 and I headed for the zoo with her in tow.  This is the first zoo trip with a grandchild in memory which didn’t include a stroller.  Really, she could walk the whole way, no problem, but we had to put our lunches, which usually ride in the stroller, in a backpack.  GD3 was really about a treat, and wanted it sooner, not later.  She also wanted to play on the playground.  Funny, there are playgrounds everywhere, but not zoo animals.  But she saw some animals, too.  She seemed to like the giraffes best.  And we did get her a treat, and we did make a stop at the playground.  She was a trooper, and walked along the whole way.

After dinner, D3 wanted to finish cutting down the hedge roses.  The problem out there is that we have an invader.   That thing is a monster, and we’ve cut if back, and cut it back, and cut it back without success.  We’ve filled bag after bag to take to the compost site.   It just winds it’s way around everything in it’s path.  so, we cut down the roses, and the vine, and found where the vine is coming from.  We’re going to attack it for real this year, and try to rid ourselves of it for good.  Then, we’ll either replant the roses, or they will come up on their own.  They’re hard to get rid of too, but at least they are native to our area.

Papa got out the big tiller and went through the garden a bunch of times.  Then he took pity on D3, who was  cutting the vine and the roses with a pruner, while I cut them up and bagged them.  So her brought the chain saw out and finished off the row.  Wow,  if we had just bagged the whole thing.  but we ran out of gas after a couple of hours.  All the time we were outside, little  GD2 kept saying, what shall I do?  We had her  carrying the stones away from the bush row, and taking them to put under the windmill by the shed.  I’ve been throwing stones from the garden into that hedge for 10 or 12 years, so there were a few.   She really wanted to help bag the cut up bushes, but I don’t have any kid sized leather gloves. 

 D3’s raspberries and my rhubarb are doing well.  The rest of the garden looks ready to plant, but it’s a little early.  Now, I still have to finish my flower beds in the back, and I need to do that this week.  So, this morning I’ll give that a good go.  This is really the time of year I like best, pretty flowers, newly green grass, summer smells, all without the real hot weather. 


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