Wobbly Spider

You would think, having raised three children and experienced the addition of five grandchildren to my family, I would have calmed down and could roll with the punches by now. Perhaps my perfection expectation will never take complete leave. I can stand the messy desks, some messy tabletops, and the cat or kid toys on the floor.

However, I really like my routine to keep itself together. I get up, I delete the spam from all my addresses, having wasted 5 or so minutes verifying that is really is spam; I shower; I comb my hair; I dress; I scoop out the cat boxes; I dust, vacuum, and dust mop; I put in a load of wash—you get the idea. Busy Mom calls these things cows. Then I settle down to the task of the day. This week, it’s a web site. Step Dad needed a ride to the eye doctor yesterday, so I picked him up and off we went. Good thing, he had some pictures of his eyes taken and was not in driving condition when the appointment ended.

Arriving back home, I found a note on the table indicated Papa had a fever, was sick to his stomach, and was in bed. I had whatever the bug was the day before, so the sick thing was not much of a surprise. Luckily, his fever was gone and he was “ok” this morning. The bug we had isn’t fun, but it is fast.

Today I am cleaning up the germs, kinda. I wiped the keyboards, door handles, flat surfaces; washing sheets and clothing, running everything in sight through the dishwasher. A routine buster is what it is. Busy mom calls these things zebras.  OK, whatever they are called, the always bother me more than they should.  Now, I’m looking for the groove, my routine, or whatever it is that I really should be doing.

Your reward for reading this far is the SPAM SUBJECT OF THE DAY.  Several of the trash e-mails I received today came with the subject line, “wobbly spider”. ??? It’s a change from the pill, insurance and investment thing, but what idiot, computer or what/whoever thought I would find that important enough to open?

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