It’s a beautiful day, if you can stay inside. GS2 helped me clear the driveway, or perhaps I helped him. For reasons that are obvious once you live here, the snow drifts up in front of our doors, both the entry door and the garage doors.  This makes clearing the mess up a little harder.  It was great to have him home from school to help.  Speaking of school, don’t know why they closed.  All the main roads are clear, and weren’t bad this morning, according to Papa

The sun is shining and warming the house, making my little spot here by the bay window a great place to be.

As soon as we came in, I noticed a message on the machine from my mother, worried that I was working too hard clearing the drive.  I wish I could grow up and not worry here, but I guess it’s not possible.

If you live around here, mark your calendar.  Bobby Osborne and Rocky Top X-Press will be in Flat Rock at the Huron Valley Eagles Saturday night.  We’ll be there, and I hope you will be too.

I’ve got my wash underway, maybe I’ll finish it this time.  Maybe not.  I did back up the computers, do some bookwork, answer some e-mail and generally get a little done so far today.  Next, I’ll just dust everything, carefully moving all my piles from one place to another!

I’m pushing pretty hard to get my genealogy site in shape to re-post.  I guess it’s about time.  I’m using a free tool, which you all might like to check out:  Amaya.  It works well for standards based coding, it’s in my price range.

Check back, I’ll get it out there soon!

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