Winter makes an appearance

It doesn’t happen much around here, but the world is frozen.  It was below zero last night, and many of the schools are closed.  It’s a great day for GS2 to sleep in, after all the Super Bowl food he ate last night. 

We went “up north” over the weekend and visited M-in-L. Her birthday is really closer to next weekend, but Sesame Street prevents us from going up then.  We had a good visit.  We took cake and ice cream so we had it with every meal great fun, especially for Papa and I who never have such foods. 

 We slid home yesterday morning.   Saw lots of accidents and spin outs along I-75, especially near Flint.   D2 reported that there was plenty of snow in Kalamazoo.  It was a lot less exciting here in Troy, so we unloaded the car, put our items away, and watched the game.

This morning, the pop in the side room froze when I opened it. It’s plenty cold when that happens I’ll be putting a little heater out there and burning up some electricity to keep it all from freezing.

Bean soup and homemade bread will be on the dinner menu, that’s my kind of cold weather food.  I’ll spend the day making small, purple bathrobes!

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