Winter in Michigan

It’s cooled off, some days are even cold!  I’ve been enjoying  the chance to go out and scrape snow off the drive.  There hasn’t been a lot, but there is something about spending 15 or 20 minutes outside that makes the house seem warmer.

For the record, we didn’t go to the auto show at Cobo, and we didn’t go to the camper show down at Ford Field.  Now, some people might say that it isn’t safe to go downtown, but we’re not among them.  We will be going downtown to the Fox next week to see Sesame Street Live, a treat we’ve enjoyed since GS3 was 3 or so.  We’re on the downhill side of it, GD 1&2 will be visiting for the show, and the weekend.  Next year, GD1 will be in school (!), so she won’t be going.  Seems like they grow up pretty fast.

Last Friday, we saw a great concert at Oakland Community College, Waterford Campus, featuring IIIrd Tyme Out.  These guys aren’t as old as Granny, but they aren’t snot-nosed kids either.  And for those of you know the band, when I compare ages I’m mostly talking about the long-time members of the band.  Anyway, that was great singing, just great.  We procured their newest CD, Round III at the MAC, and it’s seen a lot of play time around here.

I have the purple fleece, so the sewing machine will be in use soon!

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