Winter, Again

There is some kind of crunchy stuff on the driveway, and it is slippery.  I did not slip or fall when put out the recycling and garbage this morning, but I walked pretty flat-footed.  The forecast is for another bunch of snow, beginning this afternoon.  I don’t like that, and I don’t want it to snow anymore, bring on the rain.

We talked to S-in-L and GS3 last night, after several tries.  The both celebrated their respective birthday’s yesterday.  S-in-L was pretty excited when GS3 was born on his birthday, and he still is.  They had a wonderful day, I understand S-in-L went to school to share in the cupcakes and the birthday.  Papa says, GS3 is 9, and S-in-L isn’t!  To illustrate the real difference between the two, S-in-L got new brakes for his car for the big day, and GS3 got a Nintendo DS.  There’s some kind of difference there!

I’ve got some much overdue work to do on Papa’s website today, so here I go…

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