Winnie A. (Kaiser) Yearnd Scrapbook, Page 4

The fourth page of Sweetie’s scrapbook contains a collection of photographs of William H. Yearnd, Jr., 1917-1992. They seem to span his life up to the date Sweetie died.

This one is of an infant:

One shows a little boy on the beach, and one the same boy with his bike:

William H. Yearnd, Jr.l

William H. Yearnd, Jr.

The next two are special to me, they show Uncle Bill with my Dad, James A. Yearnd, 1927-1979:

There is one of Uncle Bill with his sister, Aunt Marion:

William H. Yearnd, Jr., Marion A. Yearnd

The rest of the photos Sweetie chose for this page show her son in his army uniform. This one looked the best after I scanned them all:

William H. Yearnd, Jr.

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