Winnie A. (Kaiser) Yearnd Scrapbook, Page 3

This page of Sweetie’s scrapbook seems to contain photos of Aunt Helen. Helen Elizabeth Yearnd, 1914-1990 was William and Winnie Yearnd’s third child. When I knew Aunt Helen, in the l980’s, she was a small women with light, curly hair and thick glasses. I remember her only a couple of times from the 1950’s, when I was a child and she visited. My Dad said the glasses were the result of cataract surgery Aunt Helen had in her teens. He remembered riding his tricycle on the street in Grand Rapids, where the family traveled for the operation. He was born in 1927, so I would guess at the surgery having been performed between 1930 and 1933. I identify with Helen because of the wild, curly hair in many of her photographs. I have that hair, too.

Here is a class photo from that page.

Class Photo

Here is a picture of Helen pushing. The child in the wheelbarrow may be Aunt Marion. The boy in the background may be their younger brother, William, Jr.

Yearnd Children

This one is interesting. I believe these children are William Yearnd, Jr; with the scooter, Marion standing, and Helen kneeling.

Bill, Helen, Marion

And, finally, from the same page, a picture of Jane, William and Helen. Jane is standing and Helen is kneeling.

William, Jr., Jane, and Helen Yearnd

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