Winnie A. (Kaiser) Yearnd Scrapbook, page 21

Pages 18-20 of sweetie’s scrapbook contain newspaper clippings, programs, invitations and cards, which I have omitted.

The photos on sage 21 are mainly of Winnie and her husband, and a few family photos.

Here is a lady that looks like Aunt Jane Yearnd with Grandpa Kaiser. Grandpa Kaiser would be William Kaiser, 1862-1940. He was the son of William Kaiser and Elizabeth Long, one of 10 children in that family. The lady might also be one of William Kaiser’s three wives.

jane grandpa Kaiser

This is the entire family, except for my dad Jim. He was 10 years younger than the little boy in the photograph, William. The others are Jane, the tall girl next to Winnie; Marion, in front of Winnie; and Helen, in front of her Father William.

yearnd family

there are several of Grandma and Grandpa:

wm winnie2

wm winnie1


wm yearnd 2

Tomorrow, photographs of people who I can’t identify from this page.

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