Winnie A. (Kaiser) Yearnd Scrapbook Concluded

The remaining pages in the book are newspaper clippings and other personal items.

Here are the photographs with people I can’t identify. These are from throughout the book.

marion jane helen unknown

From left to right, Marion, Jane and Helen Yearnd. I can’t ID the man in the background, or the girl on the far right.

marion unknown unknown

On the left, Marion Yearnd. I can’t identify the others.



I can’t ID either of thee girls.

unknown girls

Another couple of unknowns. The young lady on the left might be Marion Yearnd.

unknown man

No Idea.

This is the end of my posts on Sweetie’s scrapbook. In case you missed the introduction, Sweetie was my grandmother. Winnie Kaiser was born in 1885 in Cadillac, Michigan, the daughter of William Kaiser and (Jane (Jennie) Johnston. She married William Yearnd, a native of Howell, Michigan, graduate of the University of Michigan and Cadillac attorney on April 8, 1908, in Cadillac. The Yearnds were the parents of 5 children, Jane, Marion, Helen, William and James.

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