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This page contains the last of the genealogical information in my grandmother’s little wedding book.


“Married at 5 p.m. on Thursday, April 9, 1908. Set at 7:10 for Grand Rapids, Remained over night at “The Morton” and left next day for Detroit. Returned home Monday, April 13th and began keeping house at 449 E. Cass St.”

Here is a news clipping.
William Yearnd 2 wedding

The train must have been the “seven-ten”. It sounds like there was a mess on the platform after the train departed. There is a discrepancy in the account, the writer for the newspaper must have assumed a trip of a week, when it was really a long weekend jaunt.

I find it interesting that the couple went to Detroit. My grandfather was a graduate of the University of Michigan, where he received a law degree in 1905. His parents were residents of Howell, Michigan where he was born. I wonder if William and Winnie visited his parents while on their trip? I wonder if his parents were not able to come to Cadillac for the wedding, for reasons of health or finances? I don’t believe that William and Winnie were estranged from the family, since he was the executor of his father’s estate in July, 1911.

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    • Apple on October 11, 2009 at 10:12 am

    Interesting questions. It’s nice to think that they would have visited his parents on their honeymoon if they hadn’t been able to attend the wedding.
    .-= Apple´s last blog ..Francis Ashley Carlisle, Dec 22, 1906 =-.

  1. It is a nice thought, but, I am not sure how close the family was. I really knew nothing about the Yearnds as I was growing up. Much later on, my Aunt Jane mentioned visiting her cousins with “exotic” names, and feeling like a plain Jane. They were all girls as far as I know and their names were: Nola Yearnd, Moretta Yearnd, and Wanetta Collins. I don’t know if that is exotic, but I guess Aunt Jane thought it was.

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