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I am going to list the guests, and their relationship to my grandparents.

Mother and Father Kaiser: William and Delia Conway Kaiser, Winnie’s father and step-mother.

Bertha and Austin Kaiser: Winnie’s half-siblings, the children of William Kaiser and Delia Conway Kaiser. Austin William Kaiser was born in 1896 and died in 1920. Aunt Bertha was born in 1893 and died in 1981.

Augusta and Frank Yearnd: Two of the four siblings of William Yearnd who were alive at the time of the wedding. William’s parents apparently didn’t attend, although both were living at the time of the marriage.

Grandma Kaiser: Elizabeth Long Kaiser, William Kaiser’s mother. William Kaiser, Sr. died in 1907.

Mr. and Mrs. E.G. Rice: Amelia “Millie” Rice was Winnie’s aunt, a sibling of her father.

Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Johnston and Rae: James Johnston was Winnie’s uncle, a sibling of her mother, Jane “Jennie” Johnston. His wife Elizabeth (Kaiser) was an aunt by marriage and blood, a sibling of William Kaiser. It is said that Winnie stayed at the Johnston’s home frequently after her mother’s death in 1888. Rae was their son, a cousin.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo Johnston and Doris: George Johnston as a cousin of James and Jane Johnston, according to an old family history. I have not been able to document the relationship. My father always referred to Doris as “Cousin Doris.”

Mr. and Mrs. John Phillips and Willy and Leslie: Annie (Kaiser) Phillips was another sibling of Winnie’s father. Their children, William and Leslie were Winnie’s cousins.

Mary Garvin and Roy and Pearl: Mary Ann (Kaiser) Garvin, another Kaiser sibling, Roy and Pearl, more cousins.

Austin Thompson: I have no idea how or if Austin is related. This is a mystery, if you know please contact me.

Mrs. Ed. Cox and Gertrude: I learned about how the Coxes were related about ten years ago, a revelation! I could write a book about this one, but I’ll try to simplify. Winnie’s grandfather, William Kaiser, 1837-1907, had a sibling named Sarah. William’s wife, Elizabeth Long, 1834-1921, had a sibling, Nicholas Long.

Nicholas Long and Sarah Kaiser married, and eventually ended up in Minnesota. Nicholas used the name “Lang”, a pronunciation which might be truer to the Long’s French origin. Ellen or Helena Lang, who was their daughter, married Edward Cox. The Coxes somehow made their way to Michigan, where the resided first in Cadillac and then in Big Rapids. So, Mrs. Ed “Ellen” Cox was William Kaiser’s first cousin, Winnie’s first cousin once removed. I have heard the term “double” cousin used to describe a relationship like this, when siblings marry siblings. My genealogy program simply says “first cousin” and lists both sets common ancestors.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Long: More cousins. There were a lot of Joseph Longs in my 2nd great grandmother’s family. The Joseph who was the correct age, and in the correct location to have attended this wedding was Joseph Long, b 1877 in Canada who married Alice Gibbs. He was the son of another sibling of (Elizabeth Long) Kaiser, Joseph Long, ca 1938-1909 and Fredericka Schnack, and Winnie’s first cousin, once removed.

Mr. and Mrs. A.W. Johnstone: More properly Dr. or Rev., Johnstone performed the wedding ceremony. I have no evidence that he was related.

Mrs. Maria Caulkins and Mamie and Elsie: Maria (Conway) Caulkins was Delia (Conway) Kaiser’s sister. She was not related to Winnie, but was Winnie’s father’s sister-in-law. Mamie and Elsie were her daughters. It took me a long time to figure this out, but eventually, I did.

Mr. and Mrs. M.M. Snider: I cannot identify the relationship of the Snider’s to Winnie at this time. The Snider family, which resided in York, Ontario at the same time as Winnie’s Kaiser ancestors may be connected in some way by marriage.

It was interesting to see that three friends of Winnie crashed the wedding. Their names: Kate Heath, Bess Methenay and Edna Saw.

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