Winnie Kaiser Yearnd Wedding Book – 1

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I have been lucky enough to inherit my grandparents wedding register book. Although both of my grandparents were involved in the wedding, I think of this as my grandmother’s book. This is because I never knew my grandfather, who was died before I was born. I have memories of visiting my grandmother, I called Sweetie. She passed away on December 11, 1957 when I was exactly six years and one month old. The other significant thing about December 11 is that our youngest daughter was born on that day. Here is the cover of the book.


You may enlarge the images by clicking on them, if you need to. I believe my grandmother wroth this, but I can’t be sure. Dr. A. W. Johnstone was the pastor of the Presbyterian Church, Cadillac, Wexford, Michigan.

E.G. Rice and Mildred Rice, the witnesses to the marriage, were and aunt and uncle of Winnie. Amelia “Millie” Kaiser was the youngest child of William Kaiser, 1837-1909, and Elizabeth Long, 1834-1921, and a sibling of Winnie’s father, William Kaiser, 1862-1940.

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