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In addition to my grandmother’s wedding book, I also am the custodian of the register created at her funeral. I will also post all the pages, with comments when I feel may be relevant. The ninth scan starts the pages of the visitors register. There are seven of these pages, and they read like a roster of the First Congregational Church membership of my childhood, with some family and neighbors mixed in. I will have something to say about most of these pages.


Floyd and Alice Wilkinson

J. V. Shepherd

Ralph McNeth Mrs Gregory A ALe???

Mr. & Mrs. C. L. Bendle — The Bendles owned the company that sold and engraved cemetery markers.

Kay Servis — My father’s cousin.

Frank Servis — Kay’s husband.

Gerald Carlington

Don Mohl — member of the church, if my memory is correct.

Ray Cunningham — owned a drug store in downtown Cadillac.

Ruth Mills — Mrs. Mills was my grandmother’s good friend. One of her sons was the same age as my father, and there are photos of the boys together. Mrs. Mills was a member of the Congregational Church, and shared stories about my grandmother with me when I was an adult.

Hale and Mary Dickerson — members of our church.

Jack Smith

Monsignor Callahan — from St. Ann Catholic Church, Cadillac.

Sr Mary Teresa RSM — from St Ann Catholic Church, Cadillac

Mr. Eldon Hagstrom — a Hagstrom family owned a flower shop in Cadillac, I am not sure if this is the one.

I recently received this information with regard to Eldon Hagstrom, and received permission to add it here:
Eldon,  his wife Emma (nee Anderson), and son Harry Delos Hagstrom were the original owners of Hagstrom’s Flower Shop in Cadillac, Michigan.  Eldon was born 21 Dec 1900 in Clam Lake Township, Wexford County to John Gustof Hagstrom and Ingrid Mathilda (Johnson) Hagstrom.  He graduated from Michigan State University in Animal Husbandry.  Emma Lynn Anderson was Eldon’s wife.   Emma’s mothers last name was Bertleson which ended with her, since she had no brothers.  All of Emma’s children took the Bertleson name as a middle name as well as their Christian name. Emma’s father owned a lumber camp and a saloon in the area.

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Hill — members of our church.

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