Winnie Kaiser Yearnd Funeral Book — 2

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In the front, a poem, and the basic facts of my grandmother’s life and death.

In Memory
Winnie Alice Kaiser Yearnd
Place of birth Cadillac, Mich

Date of Birth July 19, 1885
Date December 10, 1957
Place Cadillac, Michigan

I do not know who wrote this information in the book, the handwriting is not that of my Mother or Father.

I do remember being told about my Grandma’s death. The story is a simple one, of my parents glancing at each other over my shoulder, and seeming quite uncomfortable. They really didn’t need to worry, death was a comfortable companion of this undertaker’s child. Years later, my mother told me that I was the last person who saw my grandmother alive. Perhaps she met the last family member.

I was allowed to visit Sweetie only when Pauline was there. Pauline was a cleaning lady who worked for grandma, and later my family. I remember her better than I remember my grandma, since she was around through my teen years. I know that if I visited Sweetie, it was Pauline’s day. According to Winnie’s death certificate, she died at 5 p.m. on 10 December 1957, of coronary thrombosis, one hour after the event. She was 72 years, 4 months and 21 days old. Perhaps I was there visiting there that day, if Tuesday was Pauline’s day.

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