Winnie Kaiser Yearnd Funeral Book — 1

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In addition to my grandmother’s wedding book, I also am the custodian of the register created at her funeral. I will also post all the pages, with comments when I feel may be relevant. Here are my first two scans, the cover and the first two pages.

This page brings memories for me, since this book came from my father’s funeral home. You can click on the thumbnails to see the full size scans.

Until about a year after Grandma’s death, our family lived over the funeral home my father ran at 115 Stimson Street, Cadillac, Michigan; with the Baptist church on one side, and C.L. Bendle Memorials, who sold and engraved of tombstones on the other. Currently, a addition to the First Baptist church occupies the property where father’s first funeral home stood. My brother and I took enforced naps during funerals. I now know this was to prevent distracting footsteps from disrupting the services. I remember sitting quietly on the floor at my bedroom window at the front of the house and watching people enter and leave by the front door. Many waved at me, and I waved back.

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