Winnie A. (Kaiser) Yearnd Scrapbook, Page 17

Page 17 of Sweetie’s scrapbook contains newer photos, mainly of Winnie and her husband, William; some of their children are included. Two living grandchildren are pictured, I have omitted that photo. First is a baby, I don’t know which baby.


Second, my Dad, James Yearnd, with Richard Domey. Richard Domey was the husband of Helen E. Yearnd. Jim is on the left, Richard on the right. I assume the photo was taken in 1946, as it is marked.

jim richard

Here is one of Jim Yearnd and his parents, Winnie and William in (perhaps) 1944. Dad graduated from Cadillac High School in June, 1945, at the age of 17. This looks like summer, perhaps before his senior year.

jim winnie wm

Here is Winnie, standing by a car and near a garden. This may the a “victory garden” that one a prize in a local contest.


This one must be from a visit made by Richard Domey and Helen Yearnd Domey to her parents. It shows the four in front of the garage of the Yearnd home at 703 East Division, Cadillac, MI. It may have been taken the same day as the one of Jim and Richard which is second on this page.

wm winnie helen richard

Here is William by that same garage door, probably the same day.

wm yearnd1

This one is Aunt Jane and Winnie, her Mom. This is on the back of the house, the steps lead to a screened porch and then to the kitchen. The dress looks like the same one she is wearing in the other photos, but the shoes are different.

winnie jane

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