Winnie A. (Kaiser) Yearnd Scrapbook, Page 16

This page of Sweetie’s scrapbook contains a copy of a campaign flyer. My grandfather ran for, and was elected to a circuit court judgeship in 1947. I think the flyer is interesting because of the polite language it uses, the format it takes, and the information given. This scan shows the back cover on the left, and the front cover on the right:


This is a thumbnail, you can enlarge it if you want to see the original size. The back lists Grandfather’s qualifications for the office. The front shows a studio photograph, and emphasizes the election’s importance.

This thumbnail shows the two inside pages of the brochure:


The text of the inside is certainly a tribute to the current judge, makes a case for qualifications of any candidate for the position, and emphasizes that good citizens will make a wise choice, voting with thought and care.

Remember now, it is 1947. Would you vote for this guy?

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