Winnie A. (Kaiser) Yearnd Scrapbook, Page 14

Pages 6-13 contain photographs of living people, so I’ve kept them private.

Page 14 again shows photos of my Dad, James Austin Yearnd. Dad was named for two uncles James Johnston, 1862-1940, was one of those uncles. James Johnston and Jane (Jennie) Johnston were the only siblings in a family of five known children who survived to adulthood; they migrated to Michigan from Huron County Ontario about 1884.

Austin Kaiser, 1872-1962, was one of two brothers of Sweetie’s father. The William Kaiser, Sr. family also migrated to Michigan from Huron County Ontario probably between 1884 and 1886. In his case, his parents and seven of their ten known children survived to make the trip.

William Kaiser, 1862-1940 and Jennie Johnston, 1867-1888, married in Wexford County, Michigan on 10 October 1884. Sweetie (Winnie Alice Kaiser) was born 9 July 1885. The families had many business and social ties, and James Johnston also married a daughter of William Kaiser, Sr., Elizabeth. James and Elizabeth Johnston helped care for Sweetie after her mother died, and the family maintained close ties.

Here are a sample of the photographs on page 14 of James A. Yearnd, Sr.:

James A Yearnd, Sr.

James A Yearnd, Sr.

James A Yearnd, Sr. and Geroge M.

The child on the left, with the straight hair is Jim. The other is a neighbor and playmate, George M.

James A Yearnd, Sr.

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