Wheel Inn Campground

Papa’s photos from the Wheel Inn Campground Festival are posted. We had a great time at the show. We especially enjoyed seeing Tommy Brown and County Line Grass, the first time this summer we’ve seen them.

Here is my favorite photo from the weekend, it is of Isaac Smith:

Isaac Smith

Isaac Smith

Isaac is thirteen, and much taller that one might expect. R.J. Thomas always points out the size of Isaac’s feet; they are pretty big. Someone told me that Isaac has been playing two years or so. He’s improved quite a bit this summer. If he doesn’t know a tune, he just listens, and somehow takes a pretty good break when it’s his turn.

These guys deserve a lot of credit for having Isaac play on stage with them, every show they do.

RJ's band

Windy Mountain Boys

It’s hard to learn without playing, and he’s playing and jamming everywhere we see him. Isaac’s Dad deserves a lot of credit, too. He drives Isaac all over the place whenever he can. It’s not that easy, folks, but he does it.

After Tommy Brown played Saturday, Jimmy, who is on the left above, and was acting as MC, thanked Tommy for making the effort with the kids that play in Tommy’s band, helping them develop into such good musicians.

I’m returning the favor, thanks guys! We enjoy seeing the kids, whatever their skill level, and we thank you for taking the time.

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