Whats to dig for after 30 years?????

I finally can’t stand it anymore and I’m going to say something political. This is the craziest wild-goose chase I’ve seen in years. Many people heard a rumor that Hoffa was buried at this farm (and many other places) 30 years ago. The same stories have been circulating for years.

Give me a break.

I found 18 recent articles in a quick search of the Detroit Free Press today. The evening news is disrupted by ‘breaking news!” oftener than not. I can tell you for sure that breaking news isn’t what it used to be. A view of a bunch of FBI agents standing around on a farm in Milford is not breaking news, it is a sign of action after 30 year.

Our dinner table conversation last night included a chance to educate grandsons One and Two on the history of the word “teamster”, a view of the Teamster’s union, and other conversation designed to help them understand why all the fuss. Remember, their parents were very young 30 years ago.

I’m watching our tax dollars being spent to create a media circus. Oh well, they do that in lots of places, I guess.

If you even care, here is where the fun is:


Barn is Victim

Forensic experts

Scientists Doubt

Day 5

Buried Priorities

Milford blushes in Hoffa spotlight

Pointless Endeavor

Officials sat on Hoffa farm tip

A carpet, a backhoe and two strangers

The hunt for Hoffa heats up

Lawyer: FBI knew Hoffa tip years ago

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