What is Next?

Papa, D3 and I spent a lot of the weekend in the yard, specifically, trying to resurrect the flower beds.  We’re not done, but we have a good start.  I pulled out all of the old mulch, which is mainly filled with grass.  I pulled weeds, and I removed a couple of rose bushes that I don’t like, and replaced them.  Then I pulled weeds.  D3 pulled weeds and moved some plants.  We’re putting morning glories on the trellis this year, so I dug out the climbing roses.  They were coming up from the roots anyway, and didn’t have nice flowers last year. 

My Hollyhocks like to grow in places where I don’t want them.  I’ve officially given up, if they want to grow, I’m leaving them where they grow, the middle of the lawn excepted.

D3 and I would like to move some of the acid loving plants to the front, but that means digging out what is there and re-doing the beds.  Not sure If I’ll keep up the energy this year.  I have this morning and tomorrow morning to work on the yard, so here I go.

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