What in the World am I Doing?

Updated the CACC website, volunteer for the Wheatland fundraiser.

Updated Jerry Yates’ site for the Leslie, changed a band name on their page and in the schedule.

Fixed some errors in the CF research benefit site, hope we’ll see you there in the fall.

Updated the calendar on Papa’s pictures.  Fall concerts, football, there’s more we don’t list.  If you are there, introduce yourself.

Posted Papa’s pictures from the Marshall Bluegrass Festival.  Contacted artists who might like a copy of their likeness.  If I didn’t contact you, use my contact form to send me your information, or just register on the site,  I’ll be notified that you registered and I’ll contact you.

“Captured” several video tapes from our mini DV’s to the computer.  Priceless video among it, Melvin Goins and his late brother Ray at Mountaintop last year.  Christmas 2003 when grandchildren were much smaller.  Where does the time go?

Helped Papa pack the van.  We’re off the M-in-L’s for the family reunion this weekend.  I remembered the ice cream scoop, a must when Papa gets ready to treat the kids.  Tables, table covers, shelters in case it rains (ha, ha).

Lunch (or late breakfast) with Step Dad.  He’s having some hard days.  Last week, he said, was terrible.  I reminded him to call the doctor if he was too down and out.  I also told him to call us.  Resolution to self, call him every few days.
Invited him to sleep in the camper Saturday night of the Milan festival.  Better than him driving home.  Hope he’ll come, but he may not.

Told him he was welcome at the Leslie festival.  He can stay in our camper then, too.  He’s not sure about anything right now.  Resolved to send an e-mail to his children.

Cleaned the floors, they were black.

Be sure to come to the rest of this year’s festivals, summer is short in Michigan!

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