What happened?

I lost posted on the 19th?  And it’s the 26th?  I guess this isn’t as bad as I thought.

Papa and I enjoyed the Charlotte (Michigan) Bluegrass Festival at the end of last week.  It as a good show and and killer lineup.  I felt optimistic about Bluegrass in Michigan when the Grascals closed the show Saturday night.  Why?  Becasue a large group of people who sat next to us had never seen a bluegrass show before.  They came in for Saturday night, and thought the $30 they paid for the evening was cheap entertainment.  The guy next to me couldn’t believe they could have been there for everything, the whole three day weekend for only $50. 

Now, these aren’t the usual bluegrass festival attendees.  But, the usual suspects are getting older, and on fixed incomes.  We need the other people out there to help us keep these great shows going. 

I’m no promoter, but I’m thinking that someone should be capitalizing on the LOW prices for a whole weekend of entertainment.  An advertisement in a local paper should say — bring the entire family to this weekend’s bluegrass festival.  Only $75 (or whatever) at the gate for all three days of shows.  I have more text, contact me and I’ll sell you the wording for the ad for only $50 – so I can attend next year’s show!

Oh yes, and, there should be a Bluegrass in the Schools program at the end of the school year in the towns near the event.

More on the Michigan shows later this week.

Sunday, we went over to D2 and S-in-L’s home, and we came home with some hitchhikers in our van.  The official reason for the visit was that a birthday was celebrated by GD2.  She’s 3!  All three kids piled into my van that afternoon, and we headed for home.  We had a quiet day at home yesterday, but we off to the Detroit Zoo today!

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