What a Week!

Last Monday: wash, clean, shop, more cleaning.
Tuesday and Wednesday, granddaughters here:  zoo, swing, bikes, visit my mom with them, take them home.
Thursday: wash, clean, pack, finish website, shop, running out of gas.
Friday and Saturday: Off to Wilmington Ohio, enjoyed 2 days of wonderful music at Joe Mullins’s wonderful Southern Ohio Indoor Music Festival.  More later, and Papa’s pictures later this week.

Sunday Morning:  Back home quick to see GS1, home from the navy for the weekend.  Short visit, but wonderful.  I woke up crying at four this morning.  Funny, I only cried the day after he left when I was alone.  But I sure have missed him a lot.  He has either grown taller, or is standing up straighter now.  His Mom took him to the airport at 4:45 so he could fly back to Chicago.  He showed us this little jem while he was here.

This Monday and Tuesday:  granddaughters here again, and their brother came along for the ride.  We’re off to the Toledo Science museum today.  Zoo tomorrow if the weather is OK.  Taking them to meet their parents Wednesday.  See you Thursday!

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