What a Gal!

I’m still wondering how it happened, but Papa and I met a Poet Laureate Sunday. OK, I’ll back up. Papa and I drove down from the festival we attended in Kentucky to Bell Buckle, Tennessee, to Valerie Smiths “Dare To Be Different showcase” Sunday. We didn’t make the start, but got there about three in the afternoon. If the dew hadn’t been so heavy, and if we hadn’t had a tent to dry out first, we might have been on time. But we had a lazy morning, let everything dry, packed it all up, and then drove. We were tired of sitting, and hungry, but cheerful.

We had a great meal, and the scouted out some seats to watch the remaining acts. In all, we saw six bands do sets of about 30 minutes, Valerie did two sets. During Valerie’s first set, she called up an apparently well-know local woman. Valerie introduced a delightful lady as Maggi Vaughn, the Poet Laureate of Tennessee, saying that she was pretty famous around here, and that they sometimes traded antique shop finds back and forth.

A delightful lady joined Valerie on stage, and they did a quick rendition of “It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels”.


Later I visited a minute with Ms. Vaughn, and asked if she would have her picture taken with me, and she did!


Read how the Bell Buckle community feels about Ms. Vaughan.

I checked out a few on-line sources and found a total of 40+ songs copyrighted under the names Maggi Vaughn and Margaret Britton Vaughn. Of course, that’s just songs, it doesn’t count the poems, books, plays and other things Maggi has written.

What a gal!

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