Wexford County Deeds

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Several years ago I read some deed indices in Wexford County, Michigan, looking for transactions for our ancestors. Papa had to travel to Cadillac, the county seat and our former home, for work, so I just hitched a ride and had him drop me at the courthouse. I did not go just once, I went many times. Land records can help place people in certain locations, or assist in estimating when they arrived.

I went through the indexes, and recorded pertinent data. I had forgotten about the spreadsheet I created of my results.

First, the disclaimer:

They are selected records only, not complete indices. There may be transcription errors. I searched the indices for family names, but many not have recorded every deed for every family. I recorded both the grantor and grantee for each deed, and created a spreadsheet of the results. I may or may not have further information on these transactions, but it won’t cost you anything to ask, and I will share anything I have.

The data is here.

Tomorrow: The next step with the index entries.

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  1. I received a comment about this blog post on Facebook, which I am re-posting (with permission) here. I want to keep the comment with the post so everyone who reads the post may see the comment.

    The comment:
    Good job, Pam. It might be helpful if you include the Town and Range numbers in your listing of deeds. Consider sharing your information with other researchers who look at the Wexford County GenWeb site.

    My reply:
    Well, watch for the next part of the story. Since I have so many, I don’t have time right now to add the land descriptions to the spreadsheet. I’ll tuck that in the back of my mind for later, though. It is a good suggestion.

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