Wexford County Alms House

AKA Wexford county farm, and the Wexford County poor house was located first in Colfax Township, and later in Haring Township.
I am interested in this poorhouse because several of Bill’s ancestors worked there at at different times.

On April 16, 1885 the following notice appeared in the Grand Traverse Herald on page 6 under Wexford County News:

“A county house is being erected on the poor farm in Colfax Township. The main building is 20 x 46 with a front extention (sic) of 14 x 16, all two stories, with a one story wing 18 x 20 in the rear. Rooms for the overseer’s family will be separate from the pauper’s apartments. Twelve dormitories for the later are provided and will furnish ample accommodations for all of Wexford count’s unfortunates. The building is being done my county superintendents under the supervision of A.E. Tilyou, one of their number.”

1910 census of the Wexford County Alms House–name, sex and age only. This is subject to transcription errors. Please consult the census yourself if you find a person of interest.

On this census, a cousin of Papa’s, Maud B. Lamunion, is listed. She was working at the county farm, and possibly boarding there, also.

Film 624_666
Colfax Township, Wexford County, Michigan
Sheet 8A
Printed page 217
Beginning on line 1, ending on line 29

Hillard Charles W M 40 Head Farm Manager county farm
Hillard Ella M. F 32 Wife Matron, County Farm
Hillard Gladys M. F 13 Daughter None
Hillard Clara R. M 8 Daughter None
Hillard Frida V. F 6 Daughter None
Gill??by Roy C. M 20 boarder Farm Labour, working out
Lamunion Maud B. F 21

No relationship

Domestic Housework
Butterfield Frank G. M 55 Inmate none
Pallok John M 78 Inmate none
Eagan Edward M 72 Inmate none
Armstrong Frank C. M 80 Inmate none
Moore James M 60 Inmate none
Barney Michael M 68 Inmate none
Haight William C. M 62 Inmate none
Man?ke William M 67 Inmate none
Wick?vi?e Lebbeus M 76 Inmate none
Tri?key Elias V. M 66 Inmate none
She??? Albert M 69 Inmate none
Burns Florence E. F 54 Inmate none
Nelson Izzleborg F 34 Inmate none
Wright Ida F 24 Inmate none
Wright Cylde F 1 mo Inmate none
Brobeck Lyda F 32 Inmate none
Brobeck Johnson? J. ? 8 Inmate none
Brobeck Lona B. F 6 Inmate none
Brobeck John H. M 5 Inmate none
Stri?n Evaline F 49 Inmate none
Patch John M 75 Inmate none
Patch Ida F 27 Inmate none

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