We’re Off!

We are headed for Perrysburg Ohio, just south of Toledo later this morning. A indoor festival has been held there for years. With Larry and Lisa Efaw at the helm, the show is on the way up. This year, the Daily-Vincent band, Bobby Osborne the Hart brothers and many more are playing. It was a hard choice for us, we are missing a show in Kalamazoo Michigan which features the Grascals, Detour and more. And our friend, Mike Adams, is playing at the Huron Valley Eagles Saturday.

Speaking of that, here’s the way we are thinking. Local. If there is a show of interest close to home, we select it. If there is a show in Michigan, we select it. It was hard to decide between Kalamazoo and Perrysburg but Perrysburg is closer. And we had those tickets bought before Mike scheduled the Eagles gig. I feel that if we don’t support our local events they will have a harder time continuing. Support live music, locally!

You’ll see a lot of information about Michigan bluegrass shows here over the next months, especially as the outdoor season ramps up. You’ll never see so much music for so reasonable a price. Think about it. If you are interested in what bluegrass might sound like, rush over to MySpace, click a few of my friends and find out. You can also search for bluegrass and music on MySpace, or Google, or any other search engine and find plenty of samples.

Check out something in your neighborhood soon, and check back here for a report on the weekend!

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