Saturday, I was determined to get the rest of my new flower bed ready.  I’m sure if D1 hadn’t sent out super-strong GS2 I’d still be out there.  He really made a difference, and after Papa tilled it up with the little tiller, it’s ready to go.  My daughters gave me a beautiful umbrella for my patio table for Mother’s Day.  It is beautiful, and a little larger than the old one.  D3 brought home some plants from the nursery, and the back yard looks real nice.

We rested up a little, and Papa left for the Freddie Newby benefit show.  I quickly got ready, and drove separately to take S-Dad, who thought he might want to come home early.  Not-so-good luck, my car broke down partway there.  I called D1, who found and a summoned a tow truck.  I also phoned Papa, who left the benefit and came to find us.  He and the tow truck arrived almost at the same time, so S-Dad rode with Papa, and I took a little truck ride.  The driver very efficiently dropped my little car at the repair shop, and I paid him.  Then, Papa, S-Dad and I proceeded to the show.

We had a great time, had a nice meal, and all the bands who volunteered to help did fine shows.  S-Dad seemed to have a pretty good time.  We haven’t been able to convince him to accompany us since Mom died, but he thought the benefit was a good idea, and he wanted to go.

We visited for a minute Barb and Tom Laing and got the low-down on the line-up for the Auburn Hills, Michigan free bluegrass festival that will be held in September, and the Oakland Community College Bluegrass series line-up.  The best news there is that the concert series will return to Royal Oak this fall, and I know we won’t be the only bluegrass fans glad about that.  I’ll let you know more about that later.

There was a full house, and later in the evening a partial accounting of the funds raised was announced at over $4500.  Thanks so much to all of you!

The pictures Papa was able to take, between all his running around, are here.

We got home late, very late, and didn’t feel like doing much Sunday.  But we did get started on the garden.   Papa, D1 and I put up the fence, marked the rows and got the plants and a few other things planted before the rain came.  

garden fence

I picked some rubarb, too. 


D1 took me out to lunch, to our favorite Mexican place; the lunch was excellent.  When we got home, Papa and I napped. The box I brought home from the restaurant after lunch was enough for dinner for me.  So I didn’t cook and had a nice Mother’s day.

 We tried to watch the hockey game, but were just plain tired.  End of nice weekend.  I wonder if the car is dead, or can be repaired.  We’ll see.

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