Wednesday already?

The past two days sure went quickly.  I’m painting again, this time the bathroom.  This in only important because it is our only bathroom and painting it is somewhat of a logistic nightmare.  We are either very clean, or very dirty (old joke, I know).  Also, we like to flush, if you know what I mean.

I am doing it so late in the year because I delayed until GS1 departed for the US Navy.  He’s gone, leaving his mother, his brother and grandparents at loose ends.  But, there are also no worries about mid-day showers or disrupting anyone’s life by keeping the bathroom tied up most of the day painting, and letting paint dry, wiping up the mess from painting, moving things in and out of the way of the painter, and other activities which seem to accompany the job.

The bathroom need improvement from the last décor, and I purchased the paint months ago when I painted the living and dining rooms.  The great thing is, the weather has cooperated. It’s been between 50 and 60 degrees here this week and I’ve had all the windows open while I paint that little room.  I’ll finish today, and then we can go back to normal, whatever that is.

Papa put the new shower curtain rod last night; it curves outward and keeps the shower curtain from sticking to the dirty (or clean) person in the shower.  We ran straight to our local home improvement store and bought it after staying in a hotel which featured them.  I can hardly wait to get done with the painting and into the shower to test it out.  D1 just came out and pronounced the new configuration “fabulous”, so I know it will be worth the wait.

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