Watch out for the Stool

Granddaughter 2 is a lovely child, about 2-1/2 years old.  She is heavily influenced by living in a home filled with words, books and 2 older siblings.  Never, not even in her first months, was she satisfied to be little, younger, less able unable.  She has simply grown up reaching for tasks that are normally allocated to older children.

D2 reported that several weeks ago there was an accident involving her need to be taller.  As background information, my sister-in-law owns a store in which she sells, among other things, oak furniture.  Ever since grandsons 1 and 2 were small, a round coffee table and matching stools have been used as a kids area, a sort of table and chairs for short people.  GD2 picked up a stool and headed out, but somehow dropped it on her big toe.  That action was not without consequence.  She had a tough couple of days, according to D2, including an emergency room visit, a day home from daycare, and about a week in which she needed a sock on the injured foot to cover up her mistake. During her visit last week and weekend, every time she looked at the toe, she would say, very seriously, “Watch out for the stool”.  Her mom would  ask, “Why? and she would give a long answer about the toe, the injury and so on. 

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