A nice day yesterday, and another coming.  Perhaps a week full of them.  This time of year, warm days are a reminder to get the fall stuff done, before it’s too late.  My fall list has been put off, don’t know when I will resume.  Spent yesterday afternoon with step dad at the eye doctor.  He has macular degeneration, and when he has a cloudy spot, he gets a shot in his eye to stop the hemorrhage.  Papa’s father had that problem, before there was any treatment.  My dear aunt Jane was affected, and finally was almost completely blind.  Step dad’s mother was similarly affected, so we’re apprenhensive and slightly worried.

CACC, for whom I do a website, is now posting information about environmental events, conferences and such on their Eco Calendar page.  They also link to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality events calendar from that page.  Anyway, that means that I’ve got a little to do there from time to time.

We’re looking forward to a busy fall and winter with family, football, and bluegrass on our calendar.  Our next trip will be to Nashville for the IBMA FanFest, and we’ll also attend the awards show on Thursday evening.  It was a ton of fun last year, and we’re looking froward to it already.

OK back to the list….

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