Tomorrow is the day

One day left. The rain we’ve been promised has never arrived. I have been watering the roses and they are mostly out. The lawn is mowed, the canopies are up. The food tables are up, the eggs and potatoes are boiled. Crazy, but this is all about one 3 hour party.

Everyone will converge tomorrow, and so far the weather has held out. We do need rain now, and we were skipped while the rest of the region got rain the past few day.

M-in-L and I went to daughter One’s office yesterday and she took out and bought our lunch. One has had a long road to her civil engineering degree and job, attending college with two small children. She wanted her grandmother to see the office, and she wanted the pleasure of buying her lunch.

Daughter Three gave grandson One his gift last night, since she will be at work during the party. It is a small wall hanging type quilt with photos of him as he grew up. There is room for his friends to sign it in the center. School colors, good photo choices, very cool.

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