Today is the first day of……

It’s Wednesday already and I’ve accomplished nothing this week.  To understand why I say nothing, I think I’ll analyze what I have done.

  • Doctor’s appointment
  • 2 trips to the drug store for the prescribed medications
  • Ripped on to the computer, cataloged and stored the CDs we bought over the weekend
  • Put out the garbage
  • Cooked two dinners
  • Three very long naps
  • Put away all the things from the car after our trip
  • Ran dishwasher, twice
  • Screwed up the template to this blog, twice, changed theme, 3 times
  • Requested links from performers to Jerry’s site
  • Loaded photographs to a couple of galleries in Papa’s pictures, notified some people who might be interested
  • Moved my “to do” pile from one side of the desk to the other, dusted, moved it back
  • Cataloged medical expenses, did paperwork for medical claims
  • Backed up my computer and Papa’s

That’s enough, now I know the problem.  I expect to have something done.  Nothing I do is ever finished.  It’s just a series of ongoing tasks that never end.  I’m not sure if knowing this makes me feel better or worse.

On a brighter note, the doctor said I had lost some weight, even over the holidays.  Just not enough.  Well, I guess I’ll have to try harder.  Sista is trying a commercial program, I’ll be watching to see how she does.

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