To blog or not to blog….

Note to self:  If you’re going to blog,  darn it, blog.  So I’ll try harder.

Note 2: daughter, as in one, two and three, become D1, D2 and D3.  grandsons and granddaughters similarly become GS or DG.  Saves time.

Black Wednesday has come and gone.  Those that know us know that GS1 left for his 6-year (SIX YEAR!) Navy commitment Wednesday.  D1 had it as black Wednesday and that’s how I marked my calendar.  Actually, a huge range of emotions ravaged all family members for the preceding week.  We’ve survived, and will as we find a new way to live our daily life.  We all miss him terribly, but we’ll use letters and, after basic, e-mail and phone calls to keep connected.

GS1 received his Eagle Scout award just before leaving.  No court of honor, but the troop will hold one when he can get a leave.  He was very proud to show Papa and I his card after he retrieved it from his leader’s house.  If you see a hunter green map box on a trailhead of the Clinton River Trail in Pontiac, Auburn Hills, Rochester Hills or nearby, that was his project. We have a few paint smears left, but the fun was watching the Scouts come together to help.

All, well almost all the leaves are off the silver Maple in the yard.  Perhaps I will rake today.  Also, more work to complete on the websites.  I’m almost done with the redesign.

Oh, ya, if you need a website for yourself or your business, give me a holler.  The household is shrinking and I have more time.

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