Is Anything Done?

Papa and I had a wonderful time at M-in-L’s home “up North” over the weekend. We ate a little cake, and visited. We had a brief visit with S-Dad, and continued on toward home. Since we were in the neighborhood, and hungry, we ate at Zenders something we rarely do. It was nice to sit in the dining room and enjoy a meal I hadn’t cooked. But it was even better not to have to clean up after.

We were checking out things on the home front on Sunday evening when S-Dad called, and reported that he had my cell phone. Great. I figured out when it must have “jumped” out of my purse, but that didn’t help much.

Papa and I finally decided to load the van with items left over from S-Dad’s move and head up there Monday. We made good time, got his desk into the house, visited a bit, got my phone, and headed home. We were here in time to eat leftovers for lunch. Papa ran some errands, and I cleaned. I haven’t finished, but the place is livable.

I’m still evaluating Twitter, and beginning to think that it’s probably not for me.

People use Twitter a couple of ways that I have noticed, the first is promoting their blog posts. Since I have the blogs I follow already in my reader, it is a duplication for me. There are a couple of Twitter account users I have found who are posting diary pages, short diary posts from ancestor’s diaries. I find those fascinating, but none of them are even slightly related to my research interests. There are also Twitter users disseminating information, one that has caught on with me is Green Michigan. I can post Twitter updates from Facebook, but don’t imagine they are directly useful to Twitter users. I could also post links to new blog posts, but I think many people interested in my daily posts, link in from Networked Blogs on Facebook, or from their reader.

There is a camper show later this week, that will certainly be interesting. The dealer that we bought our (used) motor home from several years ago recently went out of business. There are deals out there, but like a lot of people, we’re uncertain about spending right now.

I just updated Jimmy’s Pickin of Cystic Fibrosis site, and I hope all of you will take a look.  If you live in Michigan, please consider attending.  It’s a bunch of fun, and for a good cause

I got up this morning and realized it was Tuesday, and I have a lot of things piled on my desk. I will be able to go to the Library of Michigan tomorrow, and I don’t want to waste the time I am there. This afternoon will be devoted to organizing the research I’m doing while I’m over there, so I can be productive.

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