Thoughts from the Road

We left Lincolnton Georgia Saturday evening and drove up to Hendersonville, NC, where we spent the rather short night.  I didn’t think much on that drive, but I did gather my thoughts and jot down a few of them as Papa drove us back to Michigan Sunday.  I actually did quite a bit of driving this time, so he could get some rest.

So, here’s what I was thinking on Sunday:

  1. 206 Mitchell Dr., Hendersonville NC and 206 Mitchell View Dr., Hendersonville NC, ARE NOT the same places, even thought it is possible to get a map to the second place when trying to get one to the first.
  2. Fallen rocks do not concern me nearly as much a falling rocks.  On I-40 between Asheville and Knoxville we saw one fallen rock that had crushed a concrete barrier.  That’s enough of that.
  3. Red clay dirt makes red clay dust.  It’s not like the Northwestern Michigan sandy dust, nor is it like the Southeastern Michigan muddy, swampy dust.
  4. Things aren’t like you expect.  I saw iris and tulips blooming at the same time near Hendersonville.  Around here, I’ve only seen a neat, clean progression:  crocus, daffodil, tulip, iris.
  5. Nothing is like the mountains.  I’ve seen a lot of different ones, out west, in Canada, in Mexico, in the Northeast and in the South.   You feel different when you look at mountains that when you look across a Midwestern corn or wheat field.
  6. Barry Scott can sing, and write songs. 
  7. Jamie Dailey can sing, and write songs.
  8. Darrin Vincent has harmony singing figured out at some level I’ve never seen on stage previously.  Well, maybe Sonny Osborne had it down as well. 
  9. The Grascals are a great group.  Talented, hard-working all the good stuff.  They did two great shows at Lincolnton.  I wish Jimmy had been with them.  Nothing against the very talented player that was, I just wish…

D1 was kind enough to retrieve Miss Moon on Sunday, so I came home to her smiling face.  We’ll be in the yard, the garden, the zoo, and perhaps Greenfield Village for the rest of her visit.

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