Things I can’t do anything about.

  1. Upgrading Scripts
    I’m tired of upgrading. I’ve got a few scripts that seem to require more attention than I wish to give.
  2. Weather
    Baby, it’s suddenly very cold outside. I need a warm coat, some thick socks, and some campfire wood.
  3. Mechanical answering systems with question after question
    Is there ever a question you want to hear?
  4. Package delivery issues
    I’m getting empty boxes to return some receivers to Dish Network. They are crushed. DUH..they’re pretty empty except for the crushed Styrofoam inside.

Remedy for scripts–. Well, even though I’m tired, I did the upgrades. No choice, no remedy except not to run them

Remedy for the weather–. Go through clothing. Put away shorts, get out long underwear. I don’t want to do this, but I will. I also took out the fans, closed all the windows and I’m thinking of a thick quilt.

We recently changed TV and Internet providers, I guess you could get the hint. We are the proud owners of a service called U-Verse. It’s a little different from satellite TV, which we’ve had for 4-1/2 years. I have been wanting it since I heard about it, something about new stuff makes me very happy.

Which brings us the the mechanical answering devices. I hate ’em. I also hate the communicating with the foreign sounding customer reps that answer – provided I can ever work through the menu-maze. I’ve been trying to get boxes from Dish Network. UPS is delivering them, but some are crushed, and I haven’t gotten enough good ones yet. I’ve been waiting, and calling, since September 4th. Their 10 days (that they told me it would take to get the boxes) is almost up, and I have 2 usable cartons.

Cross your fingers, it’s not looking to bright.

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