The Worst Cold on Earth

Wow.  I was feeling smug just a few weeks ago, since I hadn’t had a cold all winter.  I don’t think I deserve what I got, but maybe I did.  I can tell you, that whatever I have is pretty miserable.  I slept in my chair, and managed to do pretty well.  But, everything that drained out of my sinuses is now in my chest, or at least it feels like it.  And I’m having some digestive effects, too.  Not so good, even when staying close to home.

 We’re leaving Wednesday for a short trip, and the last stop, Friday and Saturday, will be at Joe Mullins’s fine Southern Ohio Indoor Music festival in Wilmington Ohio.  Rhonda Vincent, Bobby Osborne, Nothin’ Fancy, the Rarely Herd, VW boys, Paul Williams, Don Rigsby, IIIrd Tyme Out, Michael Cleveland, and Joe with his fine band.  Wow! We always check out a flea market or two over the weekend, too.  I hope I get rid of the worst effects of this before Wednesday.

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