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    • Bob Gaudio on December 1, 2009 at 10:28 am

    Good job on this, Pam. The format looks identical to that used in Allegan County, which is my area of interest. Did you copy the probate record at the register of deeds office, probate court office or from an LDS microfilm? Or…someplace else? The reason for asking is that I’ve run into denials at some county probate court offices to look at their index, which makes it very difficult to look at certain probate court records.

  1. Good question. I had to look far back at my correspondence log for the answer. I actually have two sets of documents. One set is the actual probate packet. It it typed, and photo copies were sent to me after I wrote to the clerk of probate, and gave her a name and date of death. . The packet has a petition for probate, a typed copy of the will, the determination of heirs, the inventory, a document proving publication, and the letter closing the estate. The copies are obviously copies of the microfilm which resides in the court records.

    The second group are photographs I took of pages in an old set of probate record books which resided in the library of the Wexford Genealogical Organization [wexfordgenealogy.org]. The documents are hand written into the record book. It looks like the “probate packet” was (or is) re-typed copies of the original entries.

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